SELF Adhesive Blackboard Vinyl Sticker 45cm x 200cm


Size: 45×200 cm

Main Features:

  • You can stick it on any flat surface such as wall, floors, tables, windows etc.
  • It is light. It is convenient to be written and wiped without any trace and easy to stick and peel off without any glue.
  • It uses the newest and environmental-friendly material and innovative design. It has the function of the blackboard, and the prices are much lower than traditional blackboard.

Using Range:

  • Home message board kid’s drawing board.
  • Writing notices message minutes blackboard in the office of districts companies.
  • School and kindergarten to make blackboard which is for teaching and drawing.
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SELF ADHESIVE Blackboard Vinyl Sticker 45cm x 200cm.


Main Features:

The capability to stick to any flat surface from walls, tables, windows, floors etc.

A lightweight convenient surface enabling you to write and wipe with no trace or shadowing from chalks.

Adheres to any flat surface, just peel off without the use of glue.

The innovative design is both environmentally friendly and a new addition to the many uses of a blackboard without the higher price of a traditional rigid board.



Business, corporate meetings, office situations re: notices, messages, meetings and appointments.

Home message, shopping list, Doctors appointments, young artists in the family.

Schools at all levels, making an ideal teaching or drawing blackboard without taking up the space of a conventional rigid blackboard.

Size: 45cm x 200cm.



With modern technology and advances in environmentally friendly products, we at Saturn Boards, pride ourselves on the choices we make with our customers needs and requirements. With space being a premium in todays busy homes and offices, our Black Self-Adhesive Chalkboard Stickers are an essential that provides functionality and space saving attributes, whilst ensuring its material is of such high quality with environmental awareness throughout its design and manufacture.

With all-natural materials being used to produce our Saturn Board Black Self-Adhesive Chalkboard Stickers, we are able, to provide a product that is both safe for children to use and can be used in any business situation, large or small, also within all educational or teaching environments. Our Self -Adhesive Blackboards are all water resistant and, have the added-bonus of Saturn Boards unmatched, Lifetime Warranty. We have, a superb selection of colours in our five chalk range and all our Chalks are made with natural soft materials providing better comfort and grip whilst being used, and most would appreciate the fact that you do not have to wash your hands repeatedly after each use of the Chalks. With over 5000 characters being able to be written with each chalk and colours that are not only bright but long lasting, we have ensured the full educational, business or home Chalkboard has exactly what it needs to enhance every word, diagram or drawing.

The simplicity with which you place your Self-Adhesive Chalk board allows you to simply peel off and stick your Sticker Board in its chosen location. The adhesive is strong and durable, with a long-lasting glue that is not only non-toxic, but its sticking ability out-performs all other competitors on the market, guaranteeing a secure fitting from start to finish.

The Saturn Board Self-Adhesive Chalkboard Sticker vinyl can be easily cut in any location and simply fitted. The size of your Chalkboard is 2m in length and 45cm in width, and the polypropylene material can be cut to any size, enabling ease of fitting. As long, as the surface you are using is flat, the choice is entirely yours as to where you would like your Saturn Board Self-Adhesive Chalkboard Sticker to go. With holidays and gifts in mind this product can be used almost anywhere, from entertaining the children while your away, or a rushed meeting in a new office, from floor art with the children, meetings in the office, or remembering your home appointments, everyone needs a little help with a memory board and our Saturn Boards Self-Adhesive Chalk Board Sticker provides just that, organisation, knowledge, information and education, when you’ve finished just wipe, job done.


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45x200cm, 45x200cm