The Adap Table

  • High-pressure laminate writeable table surface.
  • Flip the tabletop up to Presentation Mode to inspire classroom discussion and student interaction.
  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable with two sturdy, lockable wheels and a handy grab-bar
  • Specially designed with pressurized cylinders to make raising and lowering smooth and safe.
  • Flat-pack model now available: making shipping and campus storage a breeze! Simply disassemble your Adap-table for convenient transportation.
  • Available in a variety of dimensions, tabletop colors and metal finishes
  • Fully customizable to the needs of your learning community


When educators first set eyes on the Adap-table, either at a conference presentation or on classroom visits, the first reaction they have is a powerful “aha” moment. The functionality and possibilities of the Adap-table instantly inspire all those who interact with it. Teachers, students and parents alike quickly become excited by the learning opportunities that the Adap-table provides! Enrich your learning spaces today with the Adap-table – and set your own campus abuzz.

Writeable High-Density Laminate Surface:

The Adap-table tabletop surface is made from plywood board with a high- density laminate surface, which is cold-pressed onto the plywood. The laminate finish becomes a writeable surface much like a standard whiteboard. The edges are rounded and finished with glued table banding.

The manufacturer has a book of available colors. Some colors like light blue, yellow and light grey are also possibilities for writable surfaces and we would like to be able to offer these to our customers.

Steel Frame Finish:

We have produced two versions of the table. The first was a brushed steel finish, the second utilizes a power-coat finish. The powder-coat is a better finish as the product covers any unsightly welding and is a cheaper alternative.

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