Our Story.

We as a family, founded our company Saturn Boards and Saturn Pens originally under the company name Abhi & Co UK Ltd in 2014. With the aim to provide a wide range of both office and home supplies that would cover all ages and requirements, ensuring that every product and item, regardless of its size, would be of such high quality we would ensure complete satisfaction for all our customers, both large and small.

With our family now committed to Saturn Boards, Buddha (Bob), Arbin (Andy) and Minu (Mindy), we worked tirelessly, rejuvenated at every step by the cooperation and determination of all and the strength and belief of positivity, honesty and quality in every product that we supplied.

This strength, and hard work, involved determination and commitment from us all and with the strength and support of our family working tirelessly together, we were able to not just reach our goal, but go far beyond. At every step and with every challenge, we worked together to grow, inspired by the hard work of those who dare to dream, the adventurers, the innovators and the positivity of those who also started somewhere, our family work ethic holding tight to the embodiment of all we believe, the spirit of success and honesty, hard work and positive thinking, combine that with our family strength and to just ‘believe’, this is ‘Our Story’.


Our Mission.

With our determination and strong belief in our products, our core fundamental will always be to supply great quality, regardless of cost, with knowledge and a guarantee that every product speaks for itself. Every item, from large to small, will have been checked and examined, each product sourced and made with quality from its conception, better designed products for ease of use and each one giving a clear and descriptive insight into how it will suit your needs. Saturn Boards and Saturn Pens know what we need to do for all our customers, and that is help make a difference, with our family business we know we have a choice for you, we believe, and so will you.