Our Team.

We at Saturn Boards are not just family or even co-founders of the business, we are a Team. Proud and resolute in our objectives, to ensure that all our customers have nothing but complete satisfaction in every item and product that comes from our company.

There is no ‘I’ in our Team, just a committed support for each other and the fundamental wish to provide quality and satisfaction without cutting corners. With each, and every individual product, comes the knowledge that every step has been taken to research and check the great range of items that Saturn Boards provides has as much impact in benefitting your business or organisation, as we have in sourcing its quality and particular use.

Our team is equally proud of the different skills that each member offers to our family run business. Arbin is a Degree Graduate, specialising in IT Computer work and an absolute passion for all new technology and everything computer based. His passion also allows him the opportunity to share his great knowledge, by teaching the science behind computer technology and encouraging the learning skills to others.

Buddha is proud, as are we, of his dedication, commitment and loyalty that was shown in his time serving in the Gurkha’s. Now retired, his professionalism has shown itself through dedication in providing quality and assurance in his building business, always a man that prefers a ‘hands on’ job, his skills in building have taken him onto a pathway involving both property and education, fining his love of building into a reputable and trustworthy passion.

Minu is the dreamer, the crazy ideas and strong beliefs in her family and the team, help to combine her passion and endless energy into an already strong formula. Her love of helping others and her passionate belief in the need for education for children, instil an indestructible belief in the ability to make a better future for others. Working hard within our family business, Minu provides inspiration and commitment to us as a team but also the community, including working and helping with our senior citizens.

We are so much more than just a business at Saturn Boards, we are a team, committed in our passion for quality, a family who’s promise of satisfaction is indeed, guaranteed.