Kalaam Project.

We at Saturnboards feel very strongly about giving back to communities in need. With this in mind, we decided to set up the KALAAM PROJECT enabling us to endeavour to make a difference to the healthy environment and educational needs of underprivileged children in Nepal.

With every sale we create at Saturn Boards, we in turn ensure considerable contributions for the schools in Nepal, aiding and improving all the educational aspects that work hand in hand to provide and improve the quality of education for all the schools and the children who attend.

With our financial contribution, we are able, to help with the provision of classroom supplies, of which all education must rely on. From pens, books, paper and basic school essentials, we are able, to help with a continued success of education of many underprivileged children, who otherwise would be unable to attain a productive and essential education for their adult life.

We are also extremely proud of the fact that one of our key members is Ven Dupseng Rinpoche lll who first and foremost, is a Varja Master, that being a spiritual guide holding the qualities of an elder, a father, a guide and ultimately a teacher. His ability to guide on levels of both monastic and lay teachings in their practice of Buddhadharma, help to guide the many hundreds of children, where their lives have been changed for the better through education, understanding with a creative and balanced learning environment, and most notably, helping to take care and guide more than a hundred orphaned children in Nepal with the funds we are able to contribute.

We are committed to making a difference with our many contributions to the Kalaam Project, ensuring a future of promise, and dedication for a continued success in helping the underprivileged children of Nepal to reach their full potential in our widening world, a project close to our heart and a hope that, we as a family run business, can help raise more awareness for the need to make a better world in which to live.