Whiteboard Sticker Self Adhesive Whiteboard Paper Wall Sticker

£19.99 £7.99

  • Now’s the time to ditch those clunky metal dry erase boards for our innovative vinyl whiteboard decals! Whether you plan to use them in the classroom, at the office, in your store or at home, our unique vinyl whiteboards are incredibly convenient. To use these cool whiteboard decals, all you have to do is unroll, peel off the paper backing and then smooth them onto a clean flat surface. Once applied, you can use them just like regular whiteboards.
  • Remarks for Application: This Whiteboard Stickers work best on smooth surface, flat surfaces such as plastered walls and wooden doors.
  • If you are applying to newly painted walls, please allow them to fully dry before using the stickers.
  • With 2 meter length and 45cm width You can even cut to size according to your needs.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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