SELF Adhesive Blackboard Vinyl Sticker 45cm x 200cm


Size: 45×200 cm

Main Features:

  • You can stick it on any flat surface such as wall, floors, tables, windows etc.
  • It is light. It is convenient to be written and wiped without any trace and easy to stick and peel off without any glue.
  • It uses the newest and environmental-friendly material and innovative design. It has the function of the blackboard, and the prices are much lower than traditional blackboard.

Using Range:

  • Home message board kid’s drawing board.
  • Writing notices message minutes blackboard in the office of districts companies.
  • School and kindergarten to make blackboard which is for teaching and drawing.
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  • *PREMIUM MATERIALS: Our Black Self-adhesive chalkboard stickers by Saturn Boards are made with you in mind. We manufacture our blackboards with quality materials that are natural and safe for kids and parents. The chalk is made with natural soft materials for better grip and comfort. Everyone appreciates not having to wash your hands every 5 minutes.
  • *STRONG AND LONG LASTING: Our Blackboards are water resistance and have Saturn Boards unmatched limited lifetime warranty. The 5 color chalks are made with soft, durable and natural materials. You can write over 5000 characters with this beauties. The color is bright and long-lasting.
  • *PEEL OFF AND STICK ON STICKER BOARD: Our adhesive is strong and long-lasting. Made for use on any surface like the kitchen, classroom, kids room or any workplace. The self-adhesive glue is non-toxic and outperforms all competitors in the market.
  • *CHOOSE YOUR CHALKBOARD SIZE: Saturn Board self-adhesive blackboard vinyl is easy to cut to be used in any location. The original size is 2-meter in length and 45 cm wide, The polypropylene material works as a great decal and can be cut to any size that works for you.
  • *GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT: This is the perfect holiday gift for you to buy your family and friends a gift that will help them be more productive and will always remember you. Everyone can use a little more organization is this fast pace world.

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45x200cm, 45x200cm